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A Friend of Pizza: Scott Wiener

Scott Wiener is America’s foremost expert on Pizza Boxes. His Guiness World Record pizza box collection is nearing 700 boxes from around the world and still growing. He’s a freelance pizza expert/entrepreneur that owns and operates Scott’s Pizza Tours in NYC. He’s also released a book: VIVA LA PIZZA! The Art of the Pizza Box.

Liz Stinson of Wired Magazine has recently written an excellent article about VENTiT. A new pizza box design technology. A VENTiT pizza box is designed to allow the quick and efficient escape of steam from the box. Her article features Scott’s analysis of VENTiT and how a pizza box effects a pizzas crust and flavor:

The whole point of a pizza box is to keep your pie warm. Issue is, hot pizza often means soggy pizza. Typical boxes, like those you get from most of your chain restaurants, come with four ventilation holes that are rarely used. This hot-box technique traps in steam, which not only makes your crust mushy, but allows the moisture to break down the cardboard, resulting in pizza that tastes like paper. “It’s not like ‘oh this pizzeria makes cardboard pizza,’” Wiener laughs. “It’s the box.”

In the videos below Scott shows off some of the best boxes in his collection and explains their origins. Here’s where you can find him on the Internets:

Scott Presents: The Greatest Pizza Box On Earth – YouTube.

Ben Aaron And A Guiness World Record Holder…You’ll Never Guess What For… – YouTube.

If you’d like to know more about VENTiT, visit their website: